Frants Mathiesen

Presentation at the InSEA conference 2018 in Helsinki.

In 2014 Denmark had a school-reform, where a new concept was born, The Open School, which means that the school should open itself to the society. Subsequently the municipality of Copenhagen asked UCC how the teachers could develop their competencies for cooperation with different agents from the surrounding society.

We developed a module, the School, the Pupil and the Museum, (which has 10 etcs) with focus on the cooperation between schools and all kinds of museums.

The students should set three different angles,

Which are the aims and goals of the museum, and of the museum teacher?
How does the teacher create connections between the curriculum and her specific plans and the agenda of the museum?
Which opportunities for learning do the pupils have and how do they describe what they have learnt?
During the last 3 year, we have had 10 classes, where the students as their final product have analyzed the cooperation between schools and museums.

In my paper, I am analyzing the students work with different models, including those in the CEFR-VL reference paper, and I am doing it with a tentative intention, asking the audience, if the models are strengthening the understanding of the cooperation between schools and museum.