(chaired by Diederik Schönau)

The Prototype of the Common European Framework of Reference for Visual Literacy (CEFR-VL) as published in 20167 includes an overview of sixteen sub-competencies. The relationships between these sub-competencies and with the more generic competencies like social, personal and methodological competencies has since been discussed in the Working Group and with our members in the Salzburg meeting in 2019.

This has resulted in a revised Common European Framework of Reference for Visual Competency (CEFR-VC) that can be found here: Towards_New-Model_CEFR-VC

The purpose of the Working Group Revision of the Model is to improve the conceptualization of the model and its constituent elements, the visualization of the model, and the translation to make the Framework more practical for teachers to use.

Members of the Working Group: Andrea Karpati (HU), Constanze Kirchner (GE), Diederik Schönau (NL), and Maria Letsiou (GR).

When you are interested in joining this Working Group, please express your interest to the Chair (dwschonau@gmail.com).

The first meeting of this Working Group is scheduled for March 14, 2018 in Paris.

The coming Newsletters will inform about the discussion.