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Conversations on Visual Literacy, Resonance, and a Found Cat

by Tedi E. Asher; Peter Carpreau; Lode Vermeersch; Ernst Wagner Abstract: In this paper four experts, all involved in art education but with different backgrounds, analyse, apply, and challenge the concept of visual…

Two publications by ENViL members on museum education and visual literacy.

Tedi E. Asher; Peter Carpreau; Lode Vermeersch & Ernst Wagner (2020), ‘Conversations on Visual Literacy, Resonance, and a Found Cat’, in Gramotnost, Pregramotnost, A Uzdelávání 4, 3, 73—93. Lode Vermeersch, Ernst Wagner &…

Revised Model of the CEFR-VC

In this paper a new model is presented as an elaboration of the sixteen sub-competencies as presented in the CEFR-VL (Wagner & Schönau 2016). Researchers are invited to consider this new model in…

The big „A” in STEAM

integrating art, technology and science education in the Austrian community programs at the Venice Architecture Biennale, 2018 Andrea Kárpáti Corvinus University of Budapest Visual Culture Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of…

Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS and Mathematics (STEAM with Arts Emphasis )

An emerging model to appropriate the “two cultures” in education, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is in the focus of this working group. We want to identify models that develop synergies…

Assessment in a new key

Teresa Torres-Eça & Diederik Schönau Workshop at the InSEA conference 2018 in Helsinki. In this workshop participants will get a hands-on introduction to assessment of studio work based on the prototype of…

Gaze Mapping and “aeras of interest”

Sorry it is in German. Gaze Mapping und „areas of interest“ von Novizen und Experten bei Lösungsstrategien zur Messung von Bildkompetenz presentation Präsentation_A-Dok-Ulm

Teilnehmen am Projekt BKKB – Bildkompetenz in der kulturellen Bildung

WIR BRAUCHEN IHRE UNTERSTÜTZUNG! Wir sind auf der Suche nach engagierten Kunstlehrkräften der Sekundarstufe I: ▸▸ Für das Schuljahr 2017/18 suchen wir insgesamt 40 Lehrkräfte in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Hessen und Bayern ▸▸ Sie sollten…

The visual rubric (Workshop presentation)

Folkert Haanstra Workshop ENViL Paris March 2018 Workshop_Paris_Haanstra

The Dutch lower vocational final examination in the visual arts (Workshop presentation)

The Dutch lower vocational final examination in the visual arts Diederik Schönau Workshop ENViL Paris March 2018 Workshop_Paris_Schönau

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