Ernst Wagner

Workshop at the InSEA conference 2018 in Helsinki.

It is a surprising fact that we can find the same identical assignments in daily practice since decades. It seems that this core job in art education is completely unaffected by changes of curricula, teacher generations or even the world. But the world has changed, curricula are written in a new way, teachers have other experiences and backgrounds than those who taught 20, 40, 60 years ago. This is an interesting finding that is of utmost relevance as assignments constitute the most important measure to build pupils’ competences. Do today’s pupils need the same skills as the students 20, 40, 60 years ago?

In its first part, the workshop will analyse different examples of documented assignments in a critical way in reference to the analytical grids, the ‘Common European Framework of Reference for Visual Literacy’ delivers: general goals in education, situations of application, transversal and domain specific competences, the three dimensions of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The second part of the workshop will build on the same analytical grid. But it will use it now to develop new and innovative kinds of assignments that are related to the ‘European Goals for Lifelong Learning’, civic engagement, social cohesion, personal unfolding and employability. Preliminary drafts will be designed in joint collaborative efforts of the participants. In the final part the new ideas will be compared with the traditional examples critiqued in the first part.