Pataky presentation InSEA-World Conference Daegu, South Korea, 2017

I am currently working on mapping basic elements of artistic and art educational environments, based on the CEFR_VL. This is my new project, how to put CEFR_VL into practice, similar to the situations. The result, a pedagogical innovation could be used for teachers (decision makers, curricula developers) to detect if an environment is suitable for a certain given assignment / task / test / exercise / activity and how it can be developed and improved effectively and sustainably.

Materials, equipment, tools and personal conditions will also be researched, the fortunate combination of which facilitates the optimum development of visual competencies. The system forms the basis of computer software that is now in the phase of development and testing, which will help schools and teachers identify what needs to be done to optimize conditions, or gain reinforcement if these conditions are already optimal. Serving the purpose of both evaluation and optimization, the program (application) is also hoped to provide teachers working under more difficult circumstances with reliable feedback on such areas of performance that are not affected by material conditions. They will find information and encouragement to improve the efficient use of resources available for development by devoting them to a well-defined group of conditions. In Korea, I introduced the research design and the measurement tools with the first results of the currently ongoing pilot survey.