In his presentation Diederik Schönau used the prototype of the Framework (CEFR-VL) to make a comparison between the sub-competencies as described in the CEFR-VL model and the ones used in the new (compulsory) final examination programme for Cultural and Artistic Education in the Netherlands (Dutch acronym ‘CKV’). CKV concentrates on the ‘experience’ of the arts, thus adding an aspect of Visual Literacy that is more specific than the main category of ‘responding’ used in the CEFR-VL. CKV introduces three sub-competencies (comparing, contextualising and connecting) that are not mentioned in the CEFR-VL and therefore need a closer scrutiny for possible inclusion in the model. In this way the prototype demonstrates its usefulness to analyse existing examination programs, while on the other hand such a comparison can be useful to elaborate the model of the CEFR-VL.

Here you find the full text.

Schoenau_Visual_Literacy_and_arts_ experience_daegu