In the context of the European Life Long Learning Programme the Comenius project on Visual literacy1 creates a prototype of a ‘Common European Framework of Reference on Visual Literacy’ (CEFR_VL) analogous to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), a guideline used to describe achievements in languages of learners across Europe. The Comenius project CEFR_VL took the CEFR-framework as an example for the elaboration of its curriculum framework,

which describes competencies that European citizens must have in the field of fine arts and applied arts (architecture and design) as well as the everyday visual culture when they participate in society and culture as responsible citizens (ENViL 2015). The question now is to what extent the work of the Comenius project CEFR_VL aligns with the EU-policies in the field of in school cultural education and participation.

Piet Hagenaars