EU-Logo-Envil_verlauf2Immediately after the meeting in Budapest, the ENVIL-Board decided to return to the previous network concept. By introducing the second working language English the network wants to open to new visitors from other European countries.

In the future, ENViL will consist of several thematic working groups to deal with subprojects. ENViL forms the frame for these groups and gives them the possibility to exchange. ENViL as platform for the individual projects, meets in the future twice a year, to discuss the results of the subprojects, and to observe and promote the dissemination of CEFR_VL. In Budapest following subprojects were decided:

  • Competency levels (headed by Ernst Wagner, D)
  • Rubrics (headed by Folkert Haanstra, NL)
  • Tasks (headed by Gabriella Pataky, HU)
  • Visual Literacy in the museum (headed by Lode Vermeersch, BE)
  • Theory (headed by Carl-Peter Buschkühle, D)
  • Policy (headed by Piet Hagenaars, NL)



The next meeting will take place in Leuven, Belgium.

On 8th – 9th November 2016 there will be a public meeting of the Working Group on Visual Literacy and Museum, followed by an exchange session of ENViL network – on 10th November 2016.