From Wednesday the 24/09/2014 to Thursday the 25/09/2014 the 2th meeting of the  “Common European Fremwork of Reference on Visual Literacy” took place in Utrecht. The most important focus of this meeting was the common conceptual work on a competence structure model, and its extension into proficiency levels. It was hosted by the LKCA, the National Centre of Expertise for Cultural Education and Amateur Arts.

After being greeted by Ocker van Munster (Head of LKCA) Constanze Kirchner presented the current status of the competence structure model, which will be the basis of the Common European Framework. The work on this model was continued in small groups and will be discussed again on the next meeting in Vienna in November 2014.

In addition, Franz Billmayer presented a first approach to situations, Vera Uhl Skrivanova gave an outlook on comparative art education and Piet Hagenaars presented the European contexts in which the framework is situated. On the second day Marc Fritzsche discussed the concept of education on the basis of the learning-education-model of Jörissen and Marotzki. Following Andrea Karpati presented to the conference participants edia, the Hungarian online test environment and showed tasks for the subject “Drawing and Visual Culture” in the fields of spatial representation and -perception and visual communication. Diederick Schönau – as overall coordinator of the testing and evaluation – talked about the question of the measuring of visual skills. Talita Groenendijk and Folkert Haanstra presented their planned research project for portfolio assessment, and Marc Fritzsche presented an intermediate stage of the glossary, which will be supplemented and revised by the network participants.