The meeting in Pilsen was marked by controversial positions and assessments. In this sense, it was extremely important to the common definition of the understanding of the group as well as the project. In addition, participants received highly interesting insights into the Czech education system as well as into the conceptions of Czech art education. At the end of the meeting the following decisions for further work could be reached.

  1. Our first topic are competencies in our subjects (competencies, knowledge, skills, attitudes, differentiated by technical, methodological, personal and social skills)
  2.  Our second goal is to develop a first prototype for a European Framework, published in print and web.
  3. We first deal with the students’ competencies, the consequences for the teacher competencies are to be discussed in the next step.
  4. We first develop a competency-structure model, in the second step, the development as a level model as well as development model.
  5. The fifth aspect of “guiding principles” / “basic concepts” (eg, creative thinking, visual skills, aesthetic experience) is newly incorporated into the work program.
  6. The distilled model is our starting point, it is reviewed, supplemented, corrected – in to the publication deepened.