Working Group chaired by Diederik Schönau

The purpose of the Working Group Revision of the Model is to arrive at an improvement of the structural model of the CEFR-VL, both in terms of content as in terms of visualization.

The Prototype of the European Framework of Reference for Visual Literacy (CEFR-VL) includes an overview of sixteen sub-competencies. These were visually presented in 2016 as a kind of cloud, without any structure, as it was not possible during the Comenius research project to take the next step. The Working Group has now (2020) published a manuscript in which the sixteen sub-competencies are presented in a more consistent and transparent format, paying also attention to their dynamic interaction. This will hopefully make their application in educational contexts more easy. You can find this manuscript under the tab ‘Results’.

Members of the Working Group: Andrea Karpati (HU), Constanze Kirchner (DE), Maria Letsiou (GR) and Diederik Schönau (NL), When you are interested in joining this Working Group, please express your interest to the Chair (