A common European framework of reference for competence orientation is currently being designed by members of the ENViL (European Network Visual Literacy) from nine European countries. Their 6th work-meeting took place from 30.1 – 1.2 . 2013 at University College Copenhagen. On the first day Karsten Arvedsen (Denmark), Franz Billmayer (Austria), Gabriella Pataky (Hungary) and Regina Zachhalmel (Austria) reported about the status of the development of educational standards in individual countries . Results from a comparative research were presented by Věra Uhl Skřivanová (Czech Republic).  A comparison of German curricula followed by the proposal of a competence model for the “responsible European citizens” was presented by Claudia Birkner, Gila Kolb and Katrin Zapp (Germany). Folkert Haanstra (Netherlands) presented the evaluation of a transnational survey on competency-based curricula, which was done in cooperation with Constanze Kirchner (Germany) in ten European countries. The progress of the work of the network will be presented by members of three working groups at the InSEA – Reginal Congress “Tales of Art and Curiosity ” (24 to 26 July 2013) in Canterbury.