Tim Proetel

Part of the InSEA conference 2018 in Helsinki. http://taide.aalto.fi/fi/research/insea/

The workshop reflects on developing assignments which are open to individual student variations. To allow for successful learning and full engagement with the work and the creative process, assignments based on open teaching methods encourage students to make meaningful choices in the design process, e.g. choice of materials, selection of topical reference, etc. The workshop presents a few examples of assignments rooted in open teaching methods which provide students freedom to explore their own ideas and abilities. In particular, it contemplates the relationship between assignment and variation of the setting. The different assignments are compared to illustrate the importance of finding the proper balance between precise requirements and inspiring openness. Focused on practical examples of student-works also the topics assessment and valuation as well as the role of the teacher are discussed. Finally the steps necessary to conceive a visual literacy curriculum which offers both guiding instruction as well as sufficient room for individual creativity are pointed out.