An emerging model to appropriate the “two cultures” in education, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is in the focus of this working group. We want to identify models that develop synergies between art / design and science / technology, sharing and discussing educational programs that enrich and strengthen worlds seemingly apart. After building a database of good educational practice and authentic research, we want to launch international, comparative projects for the study of core skills ad abilities related to all the areas of STEAM, like spatial perception and creations, visualisation as a method of inquiry, interpretation of signs and symbols or digital creativity.


Teams we intend to connect with:

STEM to STEAM, coordinated by Rhode Island College of Design

The Bridges Organisation an international organisation to foster research, practice, and new interest in mathematical connections to art, music, architecture, education and culture.

Internationale Gesellschaft für Polyästhetische Bildung / International Association for Polyaesthetic Education

Arts and Learning (Special Interest Group #8)  of AERA (American Educational Research Association)

Laboratory Biofilia – Base for Biological Arts – Aalto University – a learning and research environment at the intersection of art, life sciences and technology.

Co-chairs: Andrea Kárpáti (, Marion Starzacher (