ENViL’s recent conference took place in Paris, March 12 – 13, 2018 More than forty participants from thirteen countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, and UK) attended the meeting.

At the first day, Diederik Schönau (NL) held a keynote on ‘Assessment’ that was reflected by Hans Örtegren (S). After this Christiane Herth (F) introduced her reflections on ‘Assignments: tasks in the context of learning situations’, answered by Jacqueline Guiyoule (F). The third topic was ‘Early childhood education’. Gabriella Pátáky (H) gave an interesting speech, responded by Sylvain Fabre (F). The last keynote was given by Bernard Darras (F) on ‘Comparative studies concerning the main models of Visual Literacy and their approaches of competencies development’, reflected upon by Ernst Wagner (D).

The impulses given by the keynotes were further developed within three workshops at the second day:

  • The assessment workshop, chaired by Diederik Schönau, Andrea Kárpáti and Folkert Haanstra took place in two parts, in the morning and the afternoon. Please find the presentations here Diederik Schönau,   Andrea Kárpáti-1, Andrea Kárpáti-2, and Folkert Haanstra
  • In parallel, on Tuesday morning, the workshop on visual literacy in early childhood education, was led by Gabriella Pataky.
  • On Tuesday afternoon, Carl-Peter Buschkühle (D) and Maria Letsiou (GR) led the workshop on assignments.

In the closing session Ulrich Frick and Miles Tallon (D) reported about the research project how to assess visual literacy (Bildkompetenz), funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research. Read more …