Dear colleague,

Our next Conference of ENViL will take place at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, on Thursday May 9 (9.00 pm) and Friday May 10 (3.00 am), 2019.
We hope all our members and those interested in European cooperation in research in the domain of visual literacy / art education will be able to attend this conference.
It will give all the participants the opportunity to take part in the discussions and activities of of ENViL and its working groups.

Please find the registration form here.

At this conference special attention will be given to the publication of the book on ‘Arts – Ethics- Education’, edited by Dennis Atkinson, Carl-Peter Buschkühle and Rafael Vella. This is the result of the Working group on Theory of ENViL, chaired by Carl-Peter Buschkühle.

There will also be public meetings of the working groups on Early Childhood Education, Visual literacy and Architecture and on the Revision of the ENViL Visual competency model. You are all invited to attend these working sessions.

We hope to meet you in Salzburg this May!

On behalf of the board, Franz Billmayer (Austria), Christiane Herth (France), Andrea Kárpáti (Hungary), Gabriella Pataky (Hungary)

Diederik Schönau (Netherlands)

ENViL Chair

The choice for Salzburg is contrary to what has been announced earlier. During an open Board meeting at the InSEA European Congress in Helsinki, last June, Ruth Mateus-Berr, of the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, invited ENViL to have its next meeting in Vienna. But regretfully it turned out that not enough meeting space is available at her institute in that period. The ENViL Board kindly thanks Ruth for her offer.