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Visual skills in specific situations

Franz Billmayer: Summary of research. At the beginning there was the suspicion that a purely art oriented education perspective could overlook relevant visual skills. In accordance to the Common European Framework of Reference…

Věra Uhl Skřivanová: BUKO15 – Slepé skvrny

Věra Uhl Skřivanová: BUKO15 – Slepé skvrny. Mezinárodní kongres Mozarteum Salzburg 2015 > PDF Věra Uhl Skřivanová: Vergleichende Pädagogik als Basis internationaler Forschungen und Dokumente. BUKO15 – Blinde Flecken. Internationaler Kongress Mozarteum Salzburg 2015. > PDF

EU-policy on cultural education – big aims with limited weight

In the context of the European Life Long Learning Programme the Comenius project on Visual literacy1 creates a prototype of a ‘Common European Framework of Reference on Visual Literacy’ (CEFR_VL) analogous to the…

A comparison of European art curricula and competency dimensions

An expert survey carried out across Europe provides an overview of the national curricula in the subjects Art / Visual Arts / Design / and their competency models. The survey is divided into…

Curricular structures of art education in Europe

The qualitative-empirical analysis of a cross-national survey of experts in Europe provides the basis for the overall project to develop a European framework for the subject of art education. Experts statements about contents,…

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