Working Group 1: Assignment

The Assignment Group of ENViL will work on exercises related to the CEFR-VL model, while operationalizing the results achieved so far and making them usable for practising teachers. (Chair: Gabriella Pataky, Active Members: Anja Morawietz, Ursula Homberger, Elisabeth Gaus, Petra Sigrist)

The objective is based on the Assignment-centered publications to be appearing as the CEFR_VL is being developed, it is our aim to exploit practical possibilities, to develop exercise templates that provide an exhaustive list of elements needed to write an arts exercise (with the aim of helping practising teachers in their work), to write/create exercises and to compile collections of exercises.

In 2015 after discussion within the network, we decided to use an assignment cliché based on a Swiss publication scheme. (This task template was compiled by Petra Sigrist, deduced by courtesy of After the meetings in Zurich in June/July 2016 the Group updated this cliché and translated the German original also into English and Hungarian and planning a new book project with a collection of assignment related papers. They are working for this to be an inspiration for teachers to use the ENViL Competency Model.